About Us

Welcome to our website! I’m Emily Fleur, a photographer based in Devon who comes up with lots of crazy ideas. 

So if I’m a photographer why would I start a business that shows other photographers? Well as well as being a little bit crazy I also love helping others build their businesses and get them the acknowledgement they deserve. I managed to gain a fantastic team of assistants who would all help me at events but I wanted them to be getting more work on their own. I then went through some ill health in 2016 so unfortunately can’t do the job I love quite as much as I use to, so it was time to start passing on some work…this is where South West Photographers came into play. On here you’ll find my favourite people in our wonderful industry, I think they’re pretty great so I hope you do too!!

So what is this site?

  • The South West Photographers is a website to suit all your photography needs.
  • Every photographer on this site has been personally reviewed and selected by me (Emily Fleur).
  • I also decide the right price for them.
  • I have photographers that are just starting out who show great potential all the way through to the photographers who have been doing it years and certainly know their stuff.

If you are unsure of which photographer suits you best then you are always welcome to email me and I can help you out.

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