A bit about South West Photographers

By Emily

So now that South West Photographers has officially launched (yay!) I want to go into a little more detail about how and why this project came about…

A bit about me

I’m Emily Fleur and I’ve been a photographer ever since I left school at 15 (although I was often found with a camera in my hands long before then).

The past few years have been a huge adventure for me and it’s safe to say I’ve had to overcome my fair share of obstacles. I think I’ve always tried to push myself just that little bit too far and while it’s undoubtedly one of the key factors in my success, it’s also part of what has made my journey such a rollercoaster (I won’t go into the details here but you can read all about it on my website).

Now it has been a huge frustration for a long time now that I simply do not have the availability to work with all the lovely people who enquire. I’m fully booked for the foreseeable future and honestly it’s been really difficult having to turn so many people away. It just didn’t make sense and I figured there has to be another way…

South West Photographers

So, I’ve decided to use my years of experience and my knowledge of other fantastic local photographers to help find you a suitable alternative to Emily Fleur at a fair price – all while giving some amazing up-and-coming photographers a chance to showcase their work and put their talents to good use!

This website allows you to see and book some of the best young photographers in the South West – and for your peace of mind, they are all hand-picked by me. I have worked with every one of them and can wholeheartedly recommend them all!

I have trained many of them and will continue supporting the less experienced photographers, helping them develop their skills and overseeing the output to make sure it’s up to my standards. It’s also important to note that I have also made sure the prices reflect the quality (this is something that really annoys me in photography because a high price tag doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll get good photos).

So yeah – that’s South West Photographers. I’m really excited and hope it helps you find the perfect person to capture those special moments.

By Emily


“My aim is to always capture an event in a very natural fashion, making sure it is remembered correctly. My people skills make this easier as everyone is always able to be themselves in front of the camera."