About us

Established by Emily Fleur, a highly successful professional photographer who has many years of experience under her belt, South West Photographers showcases some of the best young photographers in the South West. They are all 'ones to watch' and can deliver an exceptionally high quality of work for a fair price.

As anyone from the industry will know, one of the most frustrating things about photography is the fact a high price tag doesn't necessarily guarantee good photos; there is no regulation and people tend to charge whatever they like.

However, this adds a whole new level of complication for those trying to find and book the right photographer for them - it's easy to assume that high prices = amazing photos but if you do, you might be disappointed.

But worry not! South West Photographers is here to solve this problem...

Every photographer featured on this website has been hand-picked by Emily and is priced according to the quality of their work. In fact, Emily has worked with all of the South West Photographers, and she personally guarantees that you'll be happy with what they deliver.

Emily will continue supporting the less experienced photographers, helping them develop their skills and quality-checking their photographs to make sure they're up to her high standards.

About Emily Fleur

I’ve been a photographer ever since I left school at 15. The past few years have been a huge adventure for me and it’s safe to say I’ve had to overcome my fair share of obstacles - you can read more about that on my website.

It has been a huge frustration for a long time now that I simply do not have the availability to work with all the lovely people who enquire. I’m fully booked for the foreseeable future and honestly it’s been really difficult having to turn everyone away. It just didn’t make sense and I figured there has to be another way…

So, I’ve decided to use my years of experience and my knowledge of other fantastic local photographers to help find you a suitable alternative to Emily Fleur at a fair price - all while giving some amazing up-and-coming photographers a chance to showcase their work and put their talents to good use!